Insane In The Rain

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Insane In The Rain

Founder's Name and Background
Hannah and Jack Edwards, sister and brother. Hannah loves the earth, growing plants, watching trees talk, harvesting vegetables, listening to the birds & wearing no shoes. Jack loves the ocean, riding waves, riding bikes, climbing mountains, sleeping outside, having good coffee & wearing no shoes.

Year of Foundation

Best Known For
The Happiest Rain Jacket Ever Created.

Tiny Biography
Insane in the Rain, makes jackets that allow people to express the colors of their soul at a time when the planet gives us clouds of rain. All their jackets are made from 100% recycled materials. Insane in the Rain sustainably produces in one of the worlds leading environmentally-focused factories. They pride themselves on their quality, constant dedication to finding better ways & better solutions. Their innovative practices in production are something we put first. Insane in the Rain believes sustainable production should be the baseline for anybody making anything.

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