Maria Maleta

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Maria Maleta

Founder's Name and Background
The Co-founders Ana Neto and Daniela Marques have been best friends for over 20 years. Both have a family history in the area of footwear production. In college, they followed the health study field, which they gave up to pursue their dream. They combined creativity with entrepreneurship and created Maria Maleta, a fun brand that symbolizes friendship in the feminine. #siscode

Year of Foundation

Best Known For
Double sided Bags

Tiny Biography
Maria Maleta intends to create bags for life. A brand that defends sustainability through the durability of its products, which stands out for its design and quality at a fair price.

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Vegan Bum Bag

Brand: Maria Maleta

Vegan Bum bag in black recycled fabric, with 38% Post-consumer recycled PET (plastic bottles) and 62% PU biodegradable, grey recycled fabric with 70% of its composition is post-consumer recycled PES (plastic and polyester fabrics) and white PU with paper texture, recyclable and waterproof. Adjust your strap to wear yours...


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