Founder's Name and Background
Beatriz Barros, Designer, who spent most of her childhood around her grandfather's stationery store, at the time, a proeminent store in the outskirts of Porto, and that grew to be a major inspiration in her design career.

Year of Foundation

Best Known For
Notebooks & Planners

Tiny Biography
Mishmash was built on a deep passion for everything office. Writing objects have the ability to capture ideas, and that grew into their mission, to inspire you to be adventurous and fulfil your own dreams. The brand has its own rules: Design driven - All of their products are useful, honest, aesthetic, detailed with simplicity, function and the utmost attention in mind; Handmade - The finishes and techniques used to emphasise functionality and aesthetic are yet to be achieved by a machine; Local Made - In order to ensure good labour practices and quality craftsmanship mishmash works only with local artisans.

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Checklist Pad

Brand: Mishmash

Checklist pad in pink color. Cleverly glued sheets to the bottom, not the top, thoughtfully engineered to prevent sheets from creasing, but easier to pull them out. Keep your desk neat with the help of your favourite 80 page checklist...


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