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    "Sale on sale" is a limited-time campaign promoted by The Feeting Room.

    The campaign consists of an extra 15% discount sale on all sale items. This discount can only be applied on products already marked as sale, identified with a striked through price or "Compare at" price (online) or with a red discount tag (in store).

    The discount is applied over the sale price of the items. On the online store, the discount is applied automatically on checkout. The final prices will be displayed once items are added to the cart.

    This code is not accumulable with other code-based offers and can be used multiple times thorughout the campaign.

    The campaign is valid only from 05/03/2020 through 09/03/2020.

    As a consumer, you are entitled to a Right of Free Termination, so long as your items are compliant with our Returns Policy. The product’s price refunded to you will be equal to the price you paid for the product, regardless of any campaigns that may or may not have taken place after, during or before your purchase.


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