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    Back in July 2016, we felt that there was that little something missing in our Porto store, as cozy as it was. In line with what is common in other cosmopolitan European cities, we came up with The Coffee Room. It is the result of our wish to introduce third wave coffee in our beloved Porto, catering to the taste of specialty coffee lovers.

    You can find The Coffee Room in an exterior balcony, where you can take in the sun. The counter itself is inside the store in the first floor, where we have placed a communal table. It is the best setting to take a break from shopping and browse through some magazines or spark a conversation with another store visitor. Our aim is to have a cozy and peaceful corner inside the store; so peaceful that you may even find people working there or art students sketching in their notebooks.

    Our skilled baristas can prepare you a selection of hot or cold drinks, where the specialty are coffee beverages made with locally roasted beans. And if you are craving some sugar, there are always some sweets.


    Find us at: 
    Largo dos Lóios, nº 89, 4050-338 Porto (1st Floor)