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    Chinos: The essential trouser-The Feeting Room

    Chinos: The essential trouser

    Everyone has a favorite category of clothing, and for our guest writer Miguel Vieira that is trousers, specifically chinos. He looks at how the style was created and evolved to become a staple in menswear.

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    Behind the Brand: Far Afield-The Feeting Room

    Behind the Brand: Far Afield

    "Behind the Brand" is our column where you get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our partner brands and learn more about the people that make our products. On this installment, we meet Chris from Far Afield.

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    The Team's Tunes: Poolside edition-The Feeting Room

    The Team's Tunes: Poolside edition

    The Team's Tunes is a monthly playlist curated by our team. On this edition, we gathered some easygoing and refreshing tunes to set the mood for a weekend pool party.

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    The stylist says... let's plan that staycation.-The Feeting Room

    The stylist says... let's plan that staycation.

    Travelling plans may have had to be cancelled this year, but resort wear is still on the table. For those whose best shot at a Summer trip is one to the closest public garden or windy beach, the stylist picks out a selection of staycation-ready pieces.

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    From the margin of the Douro to the land of King Size-The Feeting Room

    From the margin of the Douro to the land of King Size

    Our guest writer and friend Fred has recently moved from Porto to the other side of the Atlantic. After half a year living in the US, he tells us about his personal experience of becoming an expat in such a different place from his origins.

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