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    Beirut: a new way to shop... in Lisbon.

    Beirut: a new way to shop... in Lisbon.

    Who would ever guess that an eccletic shopping experience could be simultaneously relaxed?

    Meet Beirut - Brand Collective, a new space in Lisbon's up and coming Princípe Real area.

    Born from a desire to align different brands into a diversified product offer, this new shop concept is curated by The Feeting Room with an aim to promote a laidback discovery of each single product.

    Set in an antique mansion, Beirut is as much a consequence of the products it exhibits as of the space that harbours it. Also house to experimentadesign's Lisbon Gallery, the building is worth a visit by itself, brimming with majestic rooms that create an engaging experience which transcends traditional shopping. 

    Just as is The Feeting Room's own premise, the brands are carefully selected in a healthy balance between newcomers and established brands. The common trait in the integrated product offer is sophistication and exclusivity, making Beirut a familiar place for individuals who value excellent design in their lifestyles.

    Displayed in order to complement the space's noble beauty as well as to evidence each product's quality, some of The Feeting Room's known partners may be found at Beirut: Portuguese footwear by the likes of Goldmud, Gladz, Perks and OrateOfficine, as well as clothing by Rains, mais351 and Juu by Juliana Cavalcanti. Also in sight, UOY's formal wear for men showcases the brand's skill in personal tailoring.

    Beirut goes beyond fashion. Next to furniture, decorative pieces and office design, stand the wine products and art by Electric Blue Store, and even a space to taste The Royal Rawness' delightful specialty coffee.

    An alternative to the typical shopping frenzy, Beirut is setting out to prove that the modern way to shop is easygoing and pleasant, almost like a walk in the park.


    Beirut - Brand Collective
    Praça do Príncipe Real 19
    1200-100 Lisboa
    open Sunday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm
    and Saturdays from 10am to 8pm


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