JJ Heitor

Founder's Name and Background
Joaquim José Heitor, the founder, has always worked in the footwear industry, in Vila da Feira. At one poit, due to several vicissitudes, he emigrated to Venezuela. In 1963, when he returned to Lisbon, he started the company, together with one of his children António Heitor.

Year of Foundation

Best Known For
Quality Women Shoes

Tiny Biography
JJHeitorShoes was inspired by modern and active women, confident in themselves, who find in fashion a form of expression, absorving diverse cultures, without giving up sophistication and elegance. In all of its collections, JJHeitor focus on style, but comfort is king. High heels, medium heels, sandals or wedges that adapt perfectly to any occasion and at any time of the day, mix of the best quality materials, textures and great diversity of colors, are a characteristic of JJHeitorShoes.

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